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The Miskin Group comprises researchers in UK universities and the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled and seriously injured as a result of accidents.

The researchers, who come from a variety of specialisms, have an interest in understanding and preventing unintentional injuries to children and young people.

The role of the Miskin Group is to:

  • identify gaps in the knowledge base in relation to injury prevention, with particular focus on injuries where the social gradient is steep and could be reduced;

  • work collaboratively to prepare research bids which could reduce the areas of uncertainty;

  • undertake collaborative research in injury prevention;

  • act as a resource for the training and development of the R & D workforce in the field of injury prevention;

  • facilitate the dissemination of research findings to ensure effective interventions are adopted;

  • raise the profile and contribution of the UK to the international effort to reduce injuries.

Representatives of the universities, Child Accident Prevention Trust and RoSPA met in Nottingham in May 2014 to discuss future joint initiatives.

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